Welcome to Shadyside!

In an effort to clean up my online presence, I have decided to make a blog specifically for book reviews. I had attempted to run a blog that tried to be everything, and several things happened:

  1.  The clutter and disorganization annoyed the crap out of me.
  2.  I found myself blogging primarily book reviews.
  3.  I missed the fan site work my blog replaced. I have something in the works to bring that element back. I’m going to have two main sites online: this and that, and I’ll let you guys know when I launch that other site. 

And so, I decided to do an official relaunch with a new name and a new look to emphasize the new focus. Welcome to Shadyside. 

There are some minor things I need to go around and fix: primarily links to other entries in entries that link my old URL. If you notice any broken links or images while you are surfing around, please let me know! 

Preparing for this launch, I asked friends on Twitter to ask me questions. They were all about Goosebumps, haha. As promised, here are my responses to those.

When will you start contributing to the Goosebumps Wiki again? 

Haha, when school quits kicking my butt. I have been adding information there as I’ve gone through the series for reviews here. When I add another review here, I’ll edit some pages there. I’ve missed you guys, too, though! I’m actually on Summer break now, so you’ll see me soon.

What are your thoughts on Chicken Chicken?

I remember reading this book as a kid and being disturbed by feather plucking, but I don’t remember much else aside from that. You know what? I’ll read that book after Say Cheese and Die!, the current Goosebumps book I’m reading.

What are your thoughts on the newly announced Goosebumps TV series?

Honestly, I have been so hyper-focused on school and out of the loop that I didn’t even know that was a thing. Obviously I will watch it though. I’m a huge kid. 😉 I loved the original TV series. 

Have you guys checked out the new(ish) Are You Afraid of the Dark? revival? It was ridiculously good.

What is your favorite classic Goosebumps book?

Oh man, that’s a tough one. Of the ones I’ve read over the last couple of years, I’d have to go with Let’s Get Invisible! My favorite as a kid, however, was The Curse of Camp Cold Lake. I’m excited to revisit that one as an adult.

I hope you enjoy the new blog. More updates are coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Shadyside!

  1. Hi and welcome to the blogosphere 🙂 I love to read and, for me, it’s always interesting other people’s impressions on books and discover new authors 🙂 all the best and greetings from Portugal, PedroL


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