Todd Reads Animorphs

The EncounterThe late-90s and early-2000s Todd is living vicariously on this blog because it has always been a dream of mine to run an Animorphs fan site. I didn’t make one back in the day because there were so many and I deemed that the Internet didn’t need another. I’ve never truly moved on from Animorphs, however. It was such an important series to me growing up. It was my escape from a tough childhood, it was a catalyst to make new friends, many of which I still have and treasure today, and it helped me discover myself.

I have a lot to say about the series, and I am excited to finally have a space to write about Animorphs. I am beginning by going through the series book by book, but I intend to write articles on characters, story arcs, and more. Consider this a small fan site within my blog.

Book Reviews

My focus and style in book reviews has changed over time. You can see a big jump in quality from book 6 to 7, and then again from 7 to Megamorphs #1 and on. I used to focus on recapping the plot. Now I focus on analysis, because if you’re here, you’ve likely read the books and know the plots.  I hope to eventually come back to books 1-6 and look at them more analytically, but for now, I want to continue making my way through the series.