Todd Reads Other Books

Wait Till Helen ComesIt’s true. I do. As much as I love rereading book series from my childhood and adolescence, I always have a book going, and I read a lot of other things. I write about them here.

Most of my reviews look at a book as a whole. I try to discuss some strengths as well as weaknesses in every review no matter how I personally feel about the book. When I read books that are not targeted toward adults, I try to consider what an adolescent could gain from reading it. I do not review books I do not finish.

The books tagged with asterisks have focused articles written about them rather than general reviews. I either wrote about them for a class I took or found them difficult to review holistically.

Alexie, Sherman

Alten, Steve

Asher, Jay

Gaiman, Neil

Haddix, Margaret Peterson

Hahn, Mary Downing

Lindsay, Jeff

Sager, Riley

Thomas, Angie

Wright, Betty Ren