Harry Potter 1 & 2: Disconnected Thoughts

Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsSchool is finally out. Boy, have I missed reading what I want to read.

I recently restarted theĀ Harry Potter series. I read books 1-3 in high school, but put down book 4 after a few chapters because it was quidditch-heavy, and I hated quidditch. Everyone and their mom seems to have read all seven books, however, including my middle schoolers who give me a hard time for having not finished, so I decided to amend my ways. I have, I guess, reread Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone andĀ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets so far. I am not going to review these books or summarize the plot for anyone because they are so commonly read, but I do want to share some of my thoughts on each. You probably won’t care about a spoiler warning for these old books, but here it is anyway: read with caution if you haven’t read the books yet.

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