Animorphs: The Secret

The SecretYay! This is the last book I needed to reread again for this blog. Todd Reads is now caught up with where I left off in the series. I’m excited. It’s tough rereading a book you have just recently read when you really want to move on, and especially this book. For a book that is 158 pages, The Secret feels like it is over 300. A lot happens; I think there are at least three plots occurring simultaneously, and each of them is heavy.

Cassie is fleshed out a ton. I think she is a character that could very easily fall into the “best friend” role, and she does from time to time, falling behind Rachel and paling in comparison, but this book gives her footing. It’s like she’s standing up and saying, “This is who I am and this is what I care about.” She proves she is definitely not one to be pushed around. In a way, The Secret is the definitive Cassie book, and I have a lot of thoughts on it. Let’s dig in.

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Animorphs: The Alien

The AlienAx is my least favorite Animorph. He doesn’t even see himself as an Animorph in this book, but I digress. I found him hard to identify with as a kid, which is interesting to me looking back today, because I grew up in a children’s home and I felt alone in a strange place, like Ax feels in this book. I should have loved Ax, but I never looked forward to his books.

I think, for me, the humor surrounding his character got old and annoying. The way he constantly plays with sounds and his extreme reaction to food are both overdone, not so much in this book, but in the series as a whole. But, let’s look at this book individually. I have a greater understanding and appreciation for Ax reading The Alien as an adult. It’s the first book in which he fully narrates, although I should mention he first narrated chapters in Megamorphs #1.

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Animorphs (Megamorphs #1): The Andalite’s Gift

Megamorphs #1: The Andalite's GiftI’ve been talking to friends about Animorphs and felt inspired to come back to my Animorphs recaps. I’ll be real with you guys. When I was in college last semester, I read books 7, Megamorphs 1 (this one), 8, and 9 without writing about them. I felt so overwhelmed with school and work and had no energy to devote to this blog. I honestly considered closing it. I am so glad I decided to keep it open, because reading and writing about books is a passion, and that discomfort and insane busyness was temporary. The problem now is I have to go back and reread these books I’ve very recently reread to give them a good review and move forward with this project, and really, I just want to pick up reading where I left off at Book 10, so I’ve pushed this project to the side. I’m too much of a completionist to jump from Book 7 to Book 10 on this blog, haha. I’m making my way, though! Just two more and I’ll be caught up.

This recap is going to look different from the recaps I have done before. I am adopting my new style of reviewing in which you have probably seen in recent entries. Basically, I don’t want to rehash the entire plot of each book anymore. Most people reading these entries have read the books, and there are Wikis available with detailed plot summaries for those interested in that kind of thing. I would rather focus on analysis, which is what I enjoy and what I think is unique that I can offer here. I will probably restructure my blog to call this Animorphs read and analysis a project rather than a recap, but that is something I will play around with later. Also, I am not starting over. As I wrote on the blog’s About page, this site is a living, breathing thing, and living things change. My past entries will just reflect that. Anyway, onto this book!

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Animorphs: The Stranger

Animorphs The StrangerSo, funny story with The Stranger: I read this seventh book of the Animorphs series in 2018 a day or so after reading The Capture. I got ridiculously busy with school shortly after, and I did not get to write my recap. I tried to write it when life slowed down again, but the details of the book were fuzzy to me, and I knew I’d have to reread it again to do the book justice. Now, coming back to the series in 2021, I decided to go back to book 7, recap it properly, and move forward from it. I had considered moving on and rereading and recapping book 8, but the lack of a post for 7 would trigger my OCD, so here we are.

I actually listened to the audiobook for this “read.” The school I teach at this year is nearly an hour from my house, so I was able to get through the book in about two days. I loved the audiobook. This “read” made me appreciate this book so much more than I did before. It was never a favorite of mine, but now I think it is a really solid entry in the series.

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Animorphs: The Capture

The CaptureSo… my entire index page is now covered in Animorphs recaps. I am officially obsessed. Again. I started a Tumblr pretty recently, mainly to interact with other Animorphs fans, I’m not going to lie, but I’d love to follow you guys. If you have a Tumblr, friend me! Or is it “follow me?” I’m not down with the Tumblin’ lingo yet. 😉 Anyway, I have a regular blog post coming your way soon. I get not everyone is into Animorphs.

The Capture was one of my favorite entries in the series when I was younger. It wasn’t my top favorite. That spot belonged to The Departure, but this book is a lot like The Departure in many ways. The covers are even very similar, both yellow, and both cover morphs featuring bugs. I really enjoy the up-close and personal view of the Yeerks these books provide. I wish this book had a little more Yeerk in it.

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