Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn

Wait Till Helen ComesWhen I was in Sixth Grade, I read a book in a lit circle with two boys named Tripper and Matt. It was a ghost story and I remember there being a church and a graveyard in it. There was a brother and a sister. I cannot remember the title of the book for the life of me. I’ve been on the hunt for that book, though, and I think this might have been it. I began it last night when I couldn’t sleep, and picked it up this morning and finished it. It was a nostalgic read, reminding me a lot of what’s good about Fear Street and Goosebumps, and it had those things I remember about the book I read in Sixth Grade, even if I’m not completely sure this was it.

I love ghost stories, and I would have read and enjoyed this book had I just stumbled upon it and not been looking for the book from my childhood. I enjoyed the quicker, lighter read than what I have been doing lately. Even though it is marketed toward students in middle school, I enjoyed it as an adult; I would be happy to recommend it to my students or my adult friends. It was a fun read with a lot of good things in it.

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